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Allo Darlin' - Dreaming
7" Single

1. Dreaming  
2. You Still Send Me

Probably the only disco song in the world to feature ukulele and lap steel, “Dreaming” is a melancholy toe-tapper of a duet with Monster Bobby of The Pipettes, who turned in a guest vocal so bass-worryingly low that he lost a filling. A paean to going out dancing and falling in love in a cold climate it’ll make you almost nostalgic for the sub-Arctic conditions of the last British winter. Flip it over and B-side You Still Send Me is a total heartbreaker, recorded absolutely live in the studio, vocals and all, with every breath and creak audible.


Taking all the best bits from early Belle & Sebastian combined with Camera Obscura (yes, it is that good) are the amazing Allo Darlin’. Male to female dialogue bats back and forth against a whimsical musical backdrop that will make stripy jumper wearing indie kids grin from ear to ear. It’s also the first record this year to make me shed tears of joy. (The Music Fix)

‘Dreaming’ really is a stolen-night romance-a-thon, talking as it does about the risks of loving a New when you’ve had your heart hung, drawn and quartered by an Old. But it’s also about reading the signs wrong; of mistaking satellites for stars, and how, if you really want to ‘lose it on a disco floor’ you need to leave your broken heart behind. The best thing about it is that it sounds like a cardi-wearing, knock-kneed, twee pop song – with all the wheedling over-sensitivity that implies. But it is actually terrifically wise and practical; romance pop for realists, if you will allow me that. (Drowned In Sound)

Thanks to a few superb demos that have been floating around online in recent months, Elizabeth Morris of Allo Darlin' has been attracting some worthwhile attention as a bit of a songwriter du jour. While the Fortuna Pop! label is no stranger to quality, this collaboration with Monster Bobby is a genuine delight to behold, further consolidating her emerging reputation. Not only is 'Dreaming' proof the Morris' voice is an effortless joy to listen to, but it's also evidence that from time to time, a well-rounded 3 1/2 minute indie pop stomp is just what the doctor ordered. (Artrocker)

Elizabeth Morris’s sickly sweet vocals and lyrics come together to make yet another perfect pop tune. Joined by Monster Bobby from The Pipettes, and his extreme baritone, the duo make an unlikely couple but this all just adds to the charm of this thoroughly enchanting song.

You could say this latest offering is very much in a similar vein to last year’s 'Henry Rollins Don't Dance' and 'The Polaroid Song', but we’re certainly not tired of these yet so if you liked them you’re sure as hell going to like ‘Dreaming’.

The runaway bass line and layers and layers of pretty instrumentation from ukuleles, drums and dreamy guitars stop this track turning into a boring old ballad. And all with the sort of cutesy lyrics that any romantic city dweller will relate to: “Take the night bus with me tonight, frost on the window. It’s freezing out here on the pavement, but here in your arms it’s heaven.” (The 405)

There seems to have come a point when as soon as Elizabeth Morris opens her mouth, this wonderful pop song emerges. I'm sure you remember 'Henry Rollins Don't Dance' and 'The Polaroid Song' from last year, well, if anything, this tops them. It's beautiful, swooping pop music that starts off like The Drums' 'Let's Go Surfin', before gliding into this kind of cuddly, sad song that you sort of brings back memories of lying on your back on some grass in the summer and staring at the sky. It's enhanced by the kind of baritone from Monster Bobby from The Pipettes that is so low that it'll probably burst your testicles (or testicles substitute for the vegetarians and ladies in the audience) if you play it loud enough. Recommended so hard. (A Layer Of Chips)