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Allo Darlin' - The Polaroid Song
7" Single

1. The Polaroid Song
2. Will You Please Spend New Year's With Me?

The Polaroid Song is the first fruit from Allo, Darlin’s debut album, recorded at Soup Studios below the Duke of Uke and scheduled for release in 2010. A breezy, bouncy, eighties-style pop song that could have come straight from the soundtrack of a John Hughes movie, it was inspired by Polaroid’s decision to stop manufacturing the iconic film, a move that prompted Elizabeth’s photography-obsessed boyfriend to start his own stockpile. B-side Will You Please Spend New Year’s With Me? possesses a childlike naivety and emotional directness that conjures up the anti-folk lullabies of Kimya Dawson.

As an added incentive to buy the record 100 of the 7” singles will contain a unique, individually-taken Polaroid which entitles the lucky finder to enter a competition to win a special Allo, Darlin’ gig live in their own living room!

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By far the cutest and most winsome bit of pop music in this week’s selection, this too could quite comfortably have claimed the first prize rosette in one of this year’s quieter weeks. Not least because hairslidey lyrics like ‘Feel like dancing on my own / To a record that I do not know / In a place I’ve never seen before’ capture my heart with an indie lasso and remind me that for all the dabbling I might do with men from Essex who call themselves Hervé or grown men who choose to call themselves toddlers and not even spell it properly - I am still a middle class girl from the only county with a royal prefix who spent all her teens yearning for a boy with curtains for hair who might pash off with me to Bandwagonesque. Disarmingly pretty - and as poignantly, plaintively sepia as the photographic format they are singing about. Go and listen here or we’ll have to have an ineffectual limp-wristed fight outside, because you don’t like songs about rapes in chalet parks. (Drowned In Sound)

There’s a special place in every girl’s heart for twee pop. The Cardigans doing ‘Carnival’, Belle and Sebastian doing, well, any of their songs – it’s enough to make any red-blooded chick wear Hello Kitty slides in their fringe, get a uke and wear their boyfriend’s ratty brown cardigan. Incidentally, making this sort of music have ‘Allo Darlin’ veer the same way – kooky, uke-y, and, on ‘The Polaroid Song’, very Lenka. Elizabeth and Bill are from Australia, Mike and Paul are from Kent, but they’ve come together here in the UK to make the sort of fey indie pop that we should all demand more of. ‘The Polaroid Song’ is an upbeat, uptempo pop classic with its feet firmly in the past, telling tales of camera film of old. The backing vocals add a richness to Elizabeth’s sweet vocal, and the whole thing is the aural equivalent of a hot chocolate packed with marshmallows – sweet, comforting and repeated consumption is never enough. What would have been, in days of yore, the ‘B-side’ is the seasonally appropriate ‘Would You Please Spend New Year’s Eve With Me?’. Steeped in some of that lovely ukelele tunefulness, Elizabeth’s breathy voice is both sweet and sultry, as she suggests we “hide in my bedroom and watch cartoons all night”. There’s a special place in every girl’s heart for that, too. (Muso's Guide)