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Tender Trap - Fireworks

1. Fireworks
2. Grand National

The new single from the band led by influential indiepop legend Amelia Fletcher

With swooshing catherine wheels of backing vocals and whooshing rockets of fuzzy guitars, Tender Trap are back with a sparkler of a new single in "Fireworks'.

Exploring the explosive nature of life with a boy whose “badges read like a magazine, one that is so securely anti-establishment”, the single is a buzzy, fuzzy slice of the indiepop that Tender Trap do so well. Past singles have included 'Oh Katrina', which was used as the soundtrack for Channel 4 drama 'Ny-Lon', and the ambitiously bilingual '?Como Te Llamas? (Tell me your name)', a love song between a Spanish girl and an English girl released on Spain’s Elefant records.

In contrast with earlier Tender Trap, which had a more electronic bent, the new revitalised 'Trap' has stronger links to the pop lineage of its founder members; Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey were in influential indiepop originals and John Peel favourites, Talulah Gosh and Heavenly, who released records on such indiepop labels as Sarah Records, K and Stephen Pastel’s 53 and 3rd. Revered by today’s revitalised indiepop scene their records are floor-fillers at such hip London clubs as Twee As Fuck and How Does It Feel To Be Loved? while their influence can be heard in bands such as Los Campesinos! (who namecheck Amelia in their song “International Tweexcore Underground”) and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, whose lead singer Kip Berman said in a recent interview, “I chatted with Amelia Fletcher when we played in London. I don't think it gets any better than that.”

The new musical elements in Tender Trap – girl-group vocals, fuzzy guitar and stand-up drums - are provided by new members, Elizabeth Morris and Katrina Dixon. Elizabeth has her own band 'Allo' Darlin', who have just had their own great single out 'Henry Rollins Don't Dance'. Katrina also has 'previous', having played in a number of indie bands (Police Cat/Sally Skull/Garden City Project). The band are completed by guitarist DJ Downfall who has played with Rob and Amelia since their previous band Marine Research.

Fresh from playing this year's Indietracks Festival, Tender Trap will be playing more shows this Autumn and an album will follow in early 2010. This will be the third Tender Trap album, following 'Film Molecules' and '6 Billion People' (both on Fortuna POP!).

Tipping a nod to the Shop Assistants, Stereolab, The Long Blondes and Vivian Girls, Fireworks is a great single that should make indie toes tap and fringes flap around the world.


"A fizzy little number" - A Layer Of Chips

"‘Fireworks’ shows off the band’s new! guitarrier sound – ching, ching ching! they go over tambourine-topped stand-up drumbeats. Amelia's voice slides and glides around, whilst thanks to new member Elizabeth Darling there are lovely twinklingly harmonious ‘ba ba bas’, and perhaps a hint of 60s girl groupishness to the chorus. Woo!" - Kittenpainting

"'Fireworks', a tale of burnt fingers unlucky in love, fair stokes our still-simmering hearts: perhaps gutsier and more rooted than previous outings, it still comes over as pure indie pop, but 60s-tinged (not fatally so) and played with a harmonic, almost garage-punk edge" - Kisschase