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Airport Girl - Slow Light

1. There's A Crisis In Your Past
2. Hold Me Through The Night
3. Don't Let Me Down Again
4. Ode To The City
5. I've Seen Mexico
6. The Weather Song
7. Twice Around The Bay
8. How Long Can This Go On?
9. Show Me The Way
10. Low Coin (Lullaby)
11. Bullfighting

Some five years after their debut album “Honey, I’m An Artist” had the indie kids swooning in jangle-pop ecstasy, Airport Girl return with a radically altered sound, a glistening downbeat country-pop hybrid that is sure to win them at least as many new admirers as it will alienate existing fans. A brave move then, but one that’s more than justified by the rich seam of quality songwriting mined here and the luxuriant arrangements that set off singer-songwriter Rob Price’s sonorous, throaty vocals. Here is a band finding a new level of maturity, growing and changing, the music reflecting the uncertainties and troubles of adult life.

From the world-weary plea of the piano-led “Hold Me Through The Night” to the heartbreaking country sigh of “I’ve Seen Mexico” a sense of regret pervades the album, none more so than on the desperate, hurt-racked “How Long Can This Go On?”. More upbeat are the jazz-tinged “Don’t Let Me Down Again” and “The Weather Song”, its “Sketches Of Spain” intro belying its true nostalgic nature, while “Show Me The Way”, as pure a declaration of love as one could wish for, could have come straight from the Go-Betweens’ masterpiece “16 Lovers Lane”. Throughout there is judicious use of violin, cello, trumpet, harmonica and melodica to subtly create moods and textures within the songs, along with a willingness to experiment, as the intro to “Ode To The City” and the sea shanty of “Twice Around The Bay” bear out, that lifts the album far beyond standard indie fare.

The kids at the club may be momentarily fazed by Airport Girl’s new direction, but ultimately any listener will be rewarded by an album of great musical and emotional depth.


" album to make you glad it's winter, a time to huddle indoors and wallow" - The Guardian

"Swathed in Cosmic Country Shimmer...A toasty soundtrack to duvet-wrapped winter despondency" - METRO

"Airport Girl still have that undying sensibility of creating sorrowful yet swooning epics in equal measures" - Drowned in Sound

"The true heirs in a lineage of such elegant bands as Felt and The Go-Betweens" - SoundsXP

"Wistful, winsome and wayworn, this could be the album to help see you through the winter" - NARC Magazine

"A brilliant album. Fans of old school indie will love it, fans of nu-folk will have something to cling to, too" - Tasty

"A simple, melodic, sad and pretty album" - To Hell With

"Airport Girl have that classic Velvets, Galaxie 500, jangly-drawl down to a tee" - Terrascope

"A melancholic, heart-breaking country-folk record that nods to Smog, Sparklehorse and the Handsome Family." - Vanity Project

"A really lovely little album. Worth the wait, worth the effort and well worth buying. Why don’t you?" - Penny Black Music

"Slow Light is a beautiful and aptly titled album, filled with slow burning late night early morning songs full of brittle mystery and heartache. It is the sound of an Americana landscape transfigured to London, filtered through a half-emptied bottle of whisky and seven inch singles strewn on the floor." - Tangents

"Full of melancholy and alt-country pain. And you know what? Its brilliant... The more you listen, the more you find to treasure." - Sandman Magazine

"It's not a record that can be thrown on in the background, rather it invites closer listening, to be drawn into its aching heart" - This Is Lancashire

"Taking its cues from Aztec Camera's breezy charm and The Go-Betweens lovelorn melodies, Slow Light is, in a little over half an hour, brighter and richer and fuller than most albums" - Fire Escape Talking

"Despite the matchless blend of influences nearly as broad as modern pop itself, Slow Light holds together tight -- and also shines with a handful of low-key pop keeper tracks." -

"...eloquent and quietly remarkable; this is music for the middle of the night at its best." - All Music Guide

"You can hear all manner of spirits throughout: ...the immaculate desolation of Sophia...Luna slowed to a wolf hour crawl...The Go-Betweens and Grant in particular looks down on ‘Don’t Let Me Down Again’ and Robert Forster also puts his spectral presence on ‘Twice Around the Bay’...Spain (the band)...‘Sketches of Spain’...Pavement in a rare moment of coherence." - Americana UK

"Road weary and dusty Americana from…um, England. One of those records that gets better with each play, one of those unheralded releases that you congratulate yourself for chancing upon." - Robots & Electronic Brains

"Airport Girl's new, wintry evening set "slow light" is one of the best albums on fortuna pop! for ages...the sound of this girl growing up is far more rewarding than we could have dared contemplate." - in love with these times, in spite of these times

"The end result is a lonesome country style hanging over classic indie-pop. It’s gorgeous, filled with longing: sad but also hopeful. And there’s an unmistakable mood, present whether they’re playing gentle ballads or letting the guitars cry out." - erasing clouds

"...there's little to stop 'Slow Light' being recommended alongside The Butterflies of Love's 'Famous Problems' as winter heartbreak record of the year. But don't let that season be the only one you play it in." - Pop Musicology

"Frontman Rob Price still sounds like the miraculous bastard child of Ian Curtis and Conor Oberst..." - Subba-Cultcha

"...endearing and inviting, something rare that you would actually seek out to listen to. A little bit of comfort, perfect for those times when you feel like giving up. Let it stay with you and cradle you, take refuge in its soothing charm." - Maps

"Airport Girl, like their influences, may not be immediately striking, but the songwriting is top notch and Slow Light has lasting power. The more the songs are played, the better they become. They have a European sound to them, full of beauty, maturity, and class. One can only hope that they continue to create music of this caliber." - Three Imaginary Girls