Release details
Joanna Gruesome - Sugarcrush
7" Single
Cream Coloured Vinyl with Jukebox hole

1. Sugarcrush
2. Tugboat

“Sugarcrush” is the first single from noisepop five-piece Joanna Gruesome’s critically acclaimed debut album Weird Sister. The album sees their first foray away from recording in a living room to a proper studio under the guidance of producer MJ of the much lauded Hookworms.

Kicking it against sexism and homophobia, Joanna Gruesome draw inspiration from DIY scenes such as Riot Grrrl/noisepop/C86 /K-Records as well as post hardcore like Drive Like Jehu/Converge and the art rock of The Velvet Underground and My Bloody Valentine.

“Sugarcrush” (which is about spending the summer burning knitwear) is spiked with dissonant fuzzy jangle layered over a delicious pop melody, all punctuated by clattering hardcore drumbeats, feedback and summery ba-ba-bas.

The b-side is a gorgeous and ethereal cover of the classic Galaxie 500 track “Tugboat”. Retaining the dreamy pace of the original, the sparse verses are contrasted by the noise fuzz of the chorus. Galaxie 500’s own Damon and Naomi and tweeted their approval after seeing Joanna Gruesome’s live version of the song on YouTube.

Based in Cardiff, Joanna Gruesome comprise Alanna on vocals, Owen on guitar, Max on bass, George on guitar and Dave on drums. They have built-up a phenomenal live reputation, blending obnoxiously loud guitars and the occasional band uniform, with a high energy performance dispersed with quieter reflection, boy/girl vocals and teenage angst.