Release details
Evans The Death - Telling Lies
7" Single
silver embossed sleeve

1. Telling Lies
2. Morning Voice (Acoustic)

As we await the self-titled debut album from Fortuna POP!’s newest signings with baited breath, Evans the Death release the first single from the album, “Telling Lies”. This comes as a necessary wake-up call, heralding an outstanding new band, bursting with ideas and brimming with talent. Combining Katherine Whitaker’s unique vocals with a gift for melody, the band weave a distinctive magic. “Telling Lies” is an infectious and exhilarating slice of indie-punk-pop.

Guitarist Dan Moss describes the song like this: “’Telling Lies’ is about having such an inflated sense of self-importance that you relish deceiving others about things that make no difference whatsoever to their lives. I wrote it after a friend told me that he had eaten cereal for breakfast that morning, but later found the remnants of toast and scrambled eggs in his room and brought him up on it which lead to the admission that he was lying all along. I found this bizarre but then realised that I did it all the time too. The B-side is the original version of ‘Morning Voice’, which is on our album in a completely different incarnation. We took a long time to arrive at the sound we have now; when we first started out we were a folksy acoustic duo and this I think is the best example of that.”