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The Pipettes - Boo Shuffle
7" Single

1. Boo Shuffle
2. Stop The Music (Martin Rushent remix)

The Pipettes are back with “Boo Shuffle” a super fun single resplendent with its own dance routine that zaps them right back to their polka-dotted girl group roots. One of the last songs to be produced by the legendary Martin Rushent (The Stranglers, Shirley Bassey, Altered Images, The Buzzcocks and, most famously, the Human League’s ‘Dare’) before his untimely death earlier this year, Boo Shuffle fizzes with energy and is sure to put the band right back in the hit parade where they belong.

With their sassy songs and their referencing of the girl groups of the late fifties The Pipettes had remarkable success. A top ten album in Japan where the single 'Pull Shapes' was only kept off the number one spot by J-Lo, top ten radio positions all across Europe, two Top Forty hits in the UK and a Top Ten in the US billboard indies. They played on the main stages at Reading and Glastonbury, blazed a British trail across the states, conquered the world and sold a heap of records. Their second album of 'Earth Vs The Pipettes' saw a move towards the sounds of Chic-inspired seventies disco and eighties chart music, but “Boo Shuffle” sees a return to the fifties / sixties retro vibe of the material that made their name.

Singer Ani Saunders says, “The song’s named after my shuffling hamster Boo (RIP) and more or less represents exactly what The Pipettes are about (the song that is, not the hamster). We like to sing pop songs, we like to dance, and we like to have a good time. It’s got dance moves and directions, and it's the perfect opportunity for everyone to have fun and let go a little. Let's face it, it's pretty gloomy out there at the moment and this song always lightens the mood.”

The B-side is a remix by Martin Rushent, who the band are devastated to have lost, having grown close to him and his family during the recording of their album at his home studio. Famed for the album 'Love And Dancing', a remix reinterpretation album of the Human League's 'Dare' which changed dance music forever, this remix was to have been the start of his second such project, an album of remixes of 'Earth Vs The Pipettes'. As Ani says, “It was an honour and a privilege to have worked with Martin. This single is a tribute to him and a big thank you to the whole Rushent family.”

Already a huge live favourite with the band’s fans, “Boo Shuffle” comes complete with a dance moves video made with London’s all girl 60s dance troupe The Actionettes and is odds on to be the number one dance song at parties across the land this Christmas. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to do the boo shuffle!


"This is exactly the kind of song that would autoplay upon clicking someone's MySpace profile whose "interests" are listed as: "Burlesque, polka dots, tea, cupcakes, randomness and vintage!" Make of that what you will."

(Guardian Guide)

Did anyone know that the Pipettes still existed? I sure didn’t. I assumed after the lacklustre response received from the public toward their BRILLIANT (seriously, it’s so brilliant it needs to be emphasised using a billboard, not just caps lock) debut album ‘We are the Pipettes’ they had disappeared into the ether, never again to be heard of until 'NM'E does “100 Forgotten Artists of the 00s” in a few years time. But no! They have returned, with a change in line-up meaning they are now a two-piece band, and I’m dubious as to whether they can make anything as glorious as ‘Your Kisses are Wasted On Me’.

I needn’t have worried. 'Boo Shuffle' contains all the pop bursts of sunshine for which the Pipettes are best known. One of my favourite things about these girls is the way they unashamedly sing in a British accent, and not in an exaggerated “I am singing in a LANDAN accent” kind of way (see Kate Nash for the worst, and only, example I can think of at this minute). If anything, I do slightly miss the additional third voice – there’s a layer missing in 'Boo Shuffle' which was always present before, but to their credit the new Pipettes don’t let you think about this for too long.

I defy anyone to listen to this and not want to smile. It’s just gorgeous – I’m currently sitting in my very cold bedroom on a rainy November evening, but if it were possible for a song to sound like a British seaside in July, this would be it. It’s utterly charming, from the laid back vocals to the Casio-keyboard sounding melody which carries you through the track.

I’ve never really understood the term ‘guilty pleasure’ – it is the most backhanded of all the compliments. Listening to this, I suppose if there were such a thing as a pleasure you could feel guilty for, then this might be the kind of thing you’d mean. The Pipettes may have been away for a while, but I have no doubt that with 'Boo Shuffle' in their pocket, they still have much more to give. For me, this is all pleasure, no guilt. Ace.

(Pennyblack Music)

"Super cute and super catchy pop that manages to blend a knowingly punky sneer with a bleeding, heart on sleeve love for the genre they're aping and raping and loving so much it's a thing of beauty more than concern. The Pipettes are, someone has to say it, a clear million miles better at this than the ancients they worship. It seems like heresy, but maybe we don't need The Ronettes anymore?"