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The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Belong
7" Single
Transparent Blue Vinyl

1. Belong
2. I Wanna Go All The Way

By now, you would probably have heard the gorgeously yearning slice of swoon pop that is “Heart in Your Heartbreak”, the first single from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’s much anticipated upcoming album. And you might have noticed that while all the essential qualities that mark out the band so distinctly are still there – shimmering melodies, Kip Berman’s wistful lyrics and beguiling, quavering vocals – their sound has also been ratcheted up to the next level, courtesy of producers Alan Moulder and Flood, who, for the next step in Pains’ career, have created a canvas that is as lush as it is expansive.

“Belong” sounds even bigger, with buzzsawing, Smashing Pumpkins-circa-Gish guitars slicing intermittently through Pains’ beautifully jangling wall of noise. And even though it comes equipped with hooks to spare and an infectious, anthemic climax of “we don’t belong”, the sweet melodies bely its acute study of restlessness and human (dis)connection (“What to do/ nothing new/ we’ve tried each other/ let’s try another”, Berman sighs at one point) and manages to lodge itself in the listener’s brain long after its short but sweet running time is over.