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Allo Darlin' - My Heart Is A Drummer
7" Single

1. My Heart Is A Drummer  
2. If Loneliness Was Art (acoustic)

My Heart is a Drummer is the fourth single from Allo Darlin’s self-titled debut on Fortuna POP!, an album so chock-full of great tunes that it just keeps on giving. Brightening up the dull wintery days, “My Heart is a Drummer” calypsos and sashays, combining Elizabeth Morris’ signature ukulele with Bill Botting’s rumbling bass lines, Paul Rains’ rhythmic guitar and Mikey Collins’ swinging drum beat.

Allo Darlin’ are a breath of fresh air breezing through stale music everywhere. Elizabeth Morris’ thoughtful yet playful creations are achingly personal, incredibly poignant and familiar all at once. Incorporating tunes that you think you must have heard before, she twists them into something new and highly intoxicating. Bringing a certain Australian aesthetic from her native country, she translates effortlessly into the London scene, using ideas very much based on every day life and observations. “My Heart is A Drummer” is a statement of inner strength and defiance with lyrics somehow manages to include a chain-smoking asthma suffering boyfriend, that nervous in love feeling of twisting your fingers round the telephone cord and Paul Simon’s Graceland. Meanwhile the b-side, an acoustic version of their last single “If Loneliness Was Art”, tells of longing for someone who is seemingly out of reach.