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Bearsuit - Please Don't Take Him Back
7" Single

1. Please Don't Take Him Back
2. Pushover
3. Muscle Belt

Please Donít Take Him Back is the debut single from Bearsuit's new album The Phantom Forest.

Since their full-length oh:io in 2007, the Norwich boy/girl five-piece have undergone a dramatic line-up change, swapped violins, flutes and horns for dirty synths and fierce guitars, notched-up their sound, brought in big time producer Gareth Parton and created a perfectly off-the-wall pop masterpiece.

Please Donít Take Him Back is a technicolour widescreen heartache. Itís as cool as a disco ice queen with a warm heart; as sophisticated as a gin martini; exhilarating as strobe lights on a tireless dance floor; as touching as tender disco. It bridges the gap between Blondie and Duran Duran; The Human League and Depeche Mode, and jumps up and down all over other indie pretenders.

The two tracks on the B-side see the band's last two download singles, Pushover and Muscle Belt, get a physical release for the first time.


Starting out with what sounds like an explosion in Stereolabís retro electronics factory, this new single from Norwichís Bearsuit is a neat excursion into deceptively twee pop.
I say deceptively because, despite there being a candy-striped quality to the stylophone melody, thereís also an element of The Cureís ĎA Forestí lurking around in the bassline Ė adding a sense of menace and depth.
The female vocal sounds a bit like Young Marble Giants too, another group who knew a thing or two about ambivalence, suggesting that this band has taste.