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Tender Trap

Tender Trap started in 2001 with Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey and a small 8 track machine. John Stanley (aka DJ Downfall) joined the band to help create rhythm tracks and play the bass.

The first album (Film Molecules) came out in 2002, a new single (Language Lessons EP) came out at the end of 2005, and a second album (6 Billion People) came out in May/June 2006, released on Fortuna POP!/Matinee Recordings. This latter album featured Claudia Gonson (Magnetic Fields) on drums and vocals.

Before Tender Trap, Rob, Amelia and John all played in Marine Research, alongside Peter Momtchiloff (now in the Would-be-goods and Scarlet's Well) and Cathy Rogers. Before that, Rob and Amelia played in Heavenly, alongside Peter, Cathy and Amelia's brother Mathew Fletcher. Meanwhile John played in Dweeb amongst others.

And even before that, Amelia (and for a very short period also Rob) were in Talulah Gosh, alongside Peter, Mathew, Chris Scott and Liz Price/Eithne Farry. Rob was also in a Bristol band called Five Year Plan.

After a prolonged hiatus, Tender Trap are back with two brand new band members: Katrina Dixon (ex Police Cat, Sally Skull) on drums and vocals and Elizabeth Darling (Allo Darlin') on keyboards, guitar and vocals. The first show with the new line-up was at the London Popfest in Feb 2009.


Film Molecules (2002), K Records / Fortuna Pop! / Elefant Records
6 Billion People (2006), Fortuna Pop! / Matinée Recordings

EPs and Singles
Face of 73 7" (2002), K Records
Oh Katrina 7" (2002), Fortuna Pop!
¿Como Te Llamas? EP (2004), Elefant Records
Language Lessons EP (2005), Matinée Recordings

Fields And Streams (2002), Kill Rock Stars

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"Ten Songs About Girls" "Step One"

"Do You Want A Boyfriend?"
7" Single

7" Single

"Dansette Dansette"




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